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We have a unique collection of Gifts & Decor that falls under 5 categories:
Home Decor Items - Unique Giftware - Fantasy & Gothic Collection - Historical & Cultural Collectables - and ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS Kitchen Supplies.

Each category will continue to be filled with more and more unique items as we move forward. 
In fact this will just continue to grow in 2015, and each month more products will be added as we get into each season and holiday in 2015.
Our Retail store is in Bowmanville Ontario, Canada, and the building is just over 130 years old. We opened our bricks and morter store in Nov 2011 and the eCommerce site in Aug 2014 and continue to update it as we grow.

Home Garden Decor has arrived at our store location! Photo's taken outside our location on our Facebook page!

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LATEST PRODUCTS POSTED: 16 products on April 18th: Fantasy & Steampunk
Check our New Products that have just arrived!!!!
New AngelStar Sections opened in March!!! More to come in June!
New Archangel Sections! Approx 40 New Archangel Figures! Added April 5th 2015
Steampunk Sections being added thru June!

We are underway planning many things, including new sections (AngelStar Phase 1 Just added), and our 'Like Us on Facebook' Campain will now start on June 1st (More info coming this week), and our Monthly Specials with will start May 12th 2015 with a few more being added within the week.
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We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence at our new E Commerce site with full Secure Payment Features.
Our security begins when you click the 'Checkout' button in the Shopping cart. Rest assured we use the highest level of security. And any information entered during checkout is never used or sold to anyone. Its one thing to be Unique, but going that extra mile with security features benifits us all.

Please note when shipping to the USA:
  A shipment may be subject to 'Customs Clearance' check or search. This may cause a short delay. We have no control over this.
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    We hope you were able to find something that grabbed your eye, or that you believe a friend of your will cherish.
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    We will be actively growing in 2015 especially in the 'figure' area, with some special surprises throughout the year.
    As well expect Steampunk Artist Stormy Infinity's work to make it up here in 2015 as this will be the only place his items will be for sale.
    And much more Fantasy Items coming this spring!

    Thanks for visiting and hope you come back as we are forever changing our products!

    Updated 21 May 2015